Service Package N Fertilization

    3 300,00 € 3 300,00 € 3300.0 EUR

    3 300,00 €

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    Service Package N Fertilization
    incl. Training
    - central user training for 2 persons
    - agronomy N Fertilization with the N Sensor
    - operation in theory and practice
    - data management

    incl. Seasonal Advice
    - 4 on-site appointments with an Agricon employee
    - field inspection and crop assessment
    - operation and work with N Tester, N Sensor and agriPORT

    The service package is only valid in conjunction with [106348] basic flat rate and [106353] N Fertilization module. After 12 months it automatically changes to the training and maintenance package with annual costs of € 650.

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