Module agriDOC basic

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    Module agriDOC Basic

    contains the following services and functions:
    1 GPS data logger with SIM card and access to the data portal, use of the agriDOC app.
    Duration 12 months at 19 EUR/data logger/month each.
    [Notice period 3 months before end of term or extension for another 12 months].
    Possible functions :
    - Active live overview of all logged machines as individual view or machine groups
    - Display of tracks by past hours = status of current work for single or multiple machines
    - Selection of time period for display of tracks = overview of completed work for a specific day or time period
    - Display of idle times of machines (location/duration)
    - Display of information at individual points
    - Display of current road traffic situation
    - Creation of machines and farm-specific implements, important for optional modules Field diary/evaluation
    - Transfer of field boundaries from shape files, digitising of additional fields
    - agriDOC app --> Display of machine locations and current lane layout

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